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Siobhan Kinsella, CEO, Kinsella Legal

A new channel isn’t a new planet. A brand needs a consistent tone of voice, whatever the platform. Still, people use different channels for different reasons – LinkedIn is very different from Snapchat. The copywriter’s task is to make a brand sound like itself – whatever the context – instead of like a bad impressionist doing funny voices.

I’ve written across websites, microsites, digital ads and banners, email campaigns and social media.

Digital copywriting samples:

web copywriting

Website copy for luxury travel company with a target audience of HNW individuals.

The client, CSG Golf needed to build trust in their new brand, launching with an ambitious around-the-world tour. My company designed the branding and I wrote copy for the website, a microsite, email campaigns, marketing collateral for events and brand guidelines.

b2c email campaign

I wrote and designed this mailer for software company Xycod.

Xycod was completely updating its editing software program PostworkShop. My agency created the new company name and brand, and I wrote and designed this email to PWS’s subscriber list to alert them of the latest release/update of the program (and the rebrand).

I set up the Twitter and Instagram pages for Pullens and provided content for those and its Facebook page before and during Open Studios events.

I set up the Twitter (over 1600 followers) and Instagram pages for Pullens Yards and provided content for those and its Facebook page before and during Open Studios events (2010-2014).

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