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Whether you need luxury copywriting or help in defining your brand’s voice and messaging, let’s talk. Email me at hello@ to discuss your branding or luxury copywriting project. I’ll let you know how I can help. I’m usually based in central London, but thanks to COVID, I’m currently based in Atlantic Beach, NC, USA (so please email rather than phoning, thanks). I work with clients in London, Cambridge, New York and beyond, just with more dolphin sightings and seagull noises in the background on Zoom calls.



Flippin’ heck Miranda, you’ve nailed it! Thank you. Your service and speed have been incredible. You’re the real deal.
Mark Persaud, Founder, Divine Aesthetic Digital Consultancy

Miranda is helping us with our brand overhaul and really nailed it so far. She articulates what we are trying to say in terms of meaning, values and appeal to customers in the luxury cruise and safari markets. And most of all, Miranda brings the brand to life in an engaging, creative way, giving us our own unique voice that makes Sanctuary Retreats clearly stand out from our competitors. Her work spreads from our brand review and collateral to our web site and press releases.
Pieter van der Schee: Global Director Sales and Marketing, Sanctuary Retreats; Senior VP Sales, Abercrombie & Kent