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January 28, 2017

#WWOS — What would Oscar (Wilde) say about Trump?

If Trump is Teflon Don, Hillary was velcro — everything stuck. Liars (the good ones) aren’t the ones cringing or turning crimson. They sail through unscathed. The secret? Feel no shame, even if the lie is sure to be exposed within hours, days or weeks (or while you’re on camera). “Show no pain,” Ed Rollins advises Trump if he wants to be like ‘Teflon Ron’ Reagan:

So how can we function in a post-truth world of ‘alternative facts’ from Trump and minions like Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway? Who has the mots justes to hold power to account? Dan Rather and Noam Chomsky provide thoughtful insights, but “We now face the most severe threats that have ever arisen in human history” is a blunt tool, not very shareable. We need a deft touch: fencing, not boxing.

Where’s Oscar Wilde when you need him (besides at the fantastic L’impertinent absolu exhibition at the Petit Palais)? Would he nick at Trump on Twitter until the blood flowed red? Time to search for our age’s Oscar. For now, I’ll relish The Picture of Dorian Gray over 50 Shades and hope these words weren’t prescient: “Fin de siecle,” murmured Lord Henry. “Fin du globe,” answered his hostess.

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