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Fashion copywriting for start-up brand Tulle &

This ambitious fashion start-up brand needed help shaping its message.

We love our new brand. You really understand what we’re trying to accomplish.

Jade Audain-Dooley, MD, Tulle &
THE CLIENT. Tulle & is a new entry in the fashion world, with tulle skirts and dresses that suit your lifestyle – whatever the day brings.
THE BRIEF. This start-up and its two young entrepreneurs needed a bold, dynamic brand and tone of voice to help them stand out in a crowded market.
COPYWRITING. The brand is intelligent, approachable and a little bit cheeky. The brand’s theme is that today’s woman is ‘unruffled’ by life and able to float effortlessly from Glyndebourne to Glastonbury or from the country club to a nightclub. Though tulle is typically considered quite girlish, the brand is all about versatility. Though she might want to project a romantic image on a date, she can also command authority at work then let her hair down (and let out that outrageous sense of humour) with friends. Like tulle fabric, modern women are flexible and able to manage a range of roles with aplomb (CEO, friend, mother, daughter, partner) and a range of activities (you’re never too old for ice skating). The tone of voice guidelines help shape the brand and prepare the business for launch. All advertising and social media will follow the established tone of voice guidelines to ensure consistency and help the brand develop a loyal following. All ads and newsletters are tweaked to engage the particular target audience: young fashion addicts, well-to-do parents of girls, etc.
AUDIENCES. For young customers, the message is empowering. Liking a floaty skirt does not mean you have to limit your horizons. Princess or Prime Minister, Ballerina or Warrior? Maybe all of the above, depending on the day of the week.
THE TEAM. This was a Magnetic Ideas project. Creative Director: Miranda; Design: Sabina Hassan; Brand Strategy: Jess Rimmer.

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