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International copywriter

When you need a copywriter who knows the subtle differences between American and British English.

It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.

Dianna Hardy

As an international copywriter, I can tell you that the wrong pitch can also cause disasters.¬†Even the most creative campaign will fall flat if people sense the wording was meant for someone else. I help brands communicate authentically with a range of audiences around the world. As a native of the US who has lived in Britain since 1999, I help brands navigate the (often subtle) differences between American and British English. I can help you avoid phrasing that will catch you out as ‘other’, to help you build real brand trust and loyalty with your intended audience.

A brand shouldn’t talk down to customers or employees, and that means communicating authentically, taking into account international and regional variations in language. Over the past 20 years, I have written for audiences in the US, the UK, Europe and beyond. I have written for companies looking to appeal to English and/or American customers, and with international brands connecting with customers and employees in specific regions. I have extensive experience across a wide range of sectors, from technology and financial services to health, luxury property development, travel, fashion and beauty.¬†Invest in an international copywriter and connect authentically with your target audience.

Get international copywriting that resonates.