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Business copywriting for bespoke security firm

Polishing up your message and visuals can help your business attract your target audience

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Hassan Serdoud, Director, Profile Protection
THE CLIENT. Profile Protection, a high-end security company in London’s West End
THE BRIEF. Our clients have run this very successful security business for several years, earning a well-deserved reputation for a highly professional and reliable service. For their rebranding, they wanted to polish up their logo, business stationery, website design and messaging to reflect the bespoke, high-calibre level of service.
THE BRAND. The clients felt very attached to their original logo of interlocking Ps, designed by a family member. They wanted the new design to echo the original concept with updated styling and a more sophisticated colour palette. We brought the sophisticated style to the website and business copywriting, which needs to appeal to an upmarket client list. The copywriting included a full website, plus printed sales brochure.