Copywriting & Branding

Copywriting for bespoke toy company

Crafting a new start-up to appeal to affluent parents

Thank you so much for the branding, brand story and web design.

Jeremy Bond, entrepreneur
THE CLIENT. Müro, a new educational toy for children.
THE BRIEF. Our client is launching Müro, a brand new interactive wooden toy for young children whose parents want to give them a more active plaything – a counterpoint to the passive entertainment of TV or digital screens. They needed branding and web design to appeal to their target audience. Müro will be a Crowdfunding project.
THE COPYWRITING. The business needed a strong brand story and compelling copy that speaks to the needs (and insecurities) of the target audience: affluent parents who are concerned about their child’s education and future. These potential customers will invest in educational toys that help their little one get a leg up on the ‘competition’. Müro uses Montessori-style objects, bright colours and movement to engage children in 3D objects – a nice counterpoint to today’s screen-based learning. By reaching out, moving and manipulating objects, the child is rewarded: springs go ‘boing’, objects slide to reveal a hidden portion, pieces fit together with a satisfying click. The objects encourage the child to try standing up and the bar offers reassuring and steadying support. Parents can buy additional plug-ins and reconfigure the toy as the child grows, so the child is never bored.
THE TEAM. On this project, I worked with my employees Jessica Rimmer (Brand Strategy) and Sabina Hassan (Design).