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Copywriting and more for new barbershop brand

Alchemy: crafting precious mettle for gents in London

I really love the idea of transformation and the symbols that relate the brand name to the overall concept.

Bobby Rebeiro, Owner, Alchemy Barbers

THE CLIENT. Our client is launching an innovative new barbershop brand called Alchemy.
THE CONCEPT. A gents-only grooming space (sans the ‘No Girls Allowed’ signs) where men can relax, explore new ideas, enjoy a complimentary post-haircut whisky or attend an empowering workshop. The name ‘alchemy’ implies a transformation (turning base metal into gold). I had the idea that instead of crafting precious metal, this barbers is developing men’s mettle, building resilience and offering valuable connections and insights into modern masculinity.
THE BRANDING. Working with my designer Sabina Hassan, we crafted some symbology (based around historical alchemic symbols), to incorporate the brand ideals and give some interesting visuals that can be used in packaging, interior design and sales materials.
THE COPYWRITING. A haircut (usually) won’t change your life, but in this case, it just might. While women bask in the salon environment, for men the choice is often between a bog-standard high-street barber and a rather intimidating hipster hangout. Alchemy will be a relaxed and welcoming space where men can feel comfortable in their own skin (especially after an Aveda facial).