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Dawn Newsom

Yes, that’s my mother. She rued my tomboy years and late uptake of beauty products (never fear, I’m now a committed convert). Contemporary beauty copywriting and branding is all about integrity and authenticity. Most of us don’t look like any beauty ad since Photoshop rode into town (on a white stallion with an impeccable mane and glittery Pegasus wings). Sometimes a little fantasy hits the spot, but often we’re just jaded. Great beauty brands are trying to connect with real women who appreciate that a well-crafted story paired with a quality product can lift our spirits, even if our wrinkles (and other bits) aren’t always magically lifted as well.

And while fashion and beauty copywriting can certainly address female empowerment, the right lipstick alone won’t usher Hillary Clinton – or any other woman – into the White House. But the perfect shade just might make your inauguration day feel a little bit sunnier.

Beauty copywriting samples:

beauty copywriting londonHolistic Beauty needed a rebrand as its name didn’t reflect its offering and customers were confused. For inspiration I went back to the beginning, to the Garden of Eden and Eve, a symbol of female mystery, power and seduction. Focusing on the apple (rather than Adam) evoked a female-centric space to escape multiple pressures and responsibilities and simply unwind. I have overseen Apple & Eve’s rebrand and wrote the brand guidelines, email campaigns, website, brochures and point of sale materials. I collaborated on the website design with my Art Director, Sabina Hassan, coordinated email campaigns in MailChimp and collaborated on collateral design and pre-press prep.

beauty copywriting london
This project was a pitch for a new brand of blow dry bars in London. I collaborated with my two employees at Magnetic Ideas (Jess Rimmer came up with the Asterisk name, Sabina Hassan designed the logo and ads). I worked with Jess on the copy and the ‘Risk Anything’ and asterisk theme, with quirky annotations to illustrate how fast and convenient these blow dry bars would be, for grooming help before a big presentation or to transition from whatever the day might bring to a night on the town.

beauty copywriting london
For this ad, I decided to move on to a more typical London scenario: hair foiled not by skydiving, but by a surprise shower of rain.
I came up with ‘Me Vs Hair’ as another campaign theme, to illustrate the daily battle some women have with their hair, taking advantage of the popular hashtag #winning.

beauty copywriting
A pitch for a beauty product name and ad campaign, with a recognition that sometimes home is the best treat of all.

beauty copywriting gents londonbeauty copywriting men london conversation The client had chosen the name Alchemy for his new barbershop brand, and envisaged a space where men could feel pampered and seek a little enlightenment, with workshops and the added bonus of a whisky bar. I worked with my Art Director, Sabina to craft some iconography based on traditional alchemic symbols. For the copy I thought about alchemy’s transformation of base metal into precious metal, and realised Alchemy Barbers was attempting to give (potentially base) men some ‘precious mettle’ – the strength and resilience to tackle modern life. I also wanted to show that sometimes a haircut really can make a significant difference to your life.

A few more?
Here are two samples from fashion, included here to show the empowerment theme, particularly important for our young people.



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