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February 20, 2017

My superpower.

I am invisible (like all white immigrants).

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be: superhuman strength, speed, the ability to fly, reading minds, or invisibility? Invisibility scores high. Imagine travelling the world for free, slipping into A-list parties, and watching films at the cinema without handing over £30 (can you still eat popcorn when you’re invisible?). Plus, no more ‘what to wear’ drama — ever. Tempting. Well, I’ve discovered I actually do have a touch of the invisibility superpower.
I’m an invisible immigrant.
I don’t get shady looks when riding a bus or tube.
No one complains that I’m taking up space in the queue.
Neighbours aren’t alarmed when I move in.
No ‘tsk tsk’ for adding to the NHS bill.
Politicians don’t weigh what I take against what I give.
Daily Mail columnists don’t moan that I’m stealing a job from ‘a real Brit’.
Taxi drivers presume I’ll be on side with anti-immigrant anecdotes.
No one sneers ‘Go back home!’ in my face.

So while my non-blond immigrant friends (and friends of colour who were actually born in the UK) are being harassed in the street since the Brexit vote, I glide past, invisible. No free cinema tickets, but a lot of privilege nonetheless, because I pass — visually, at least.

Still, not the superpower I’d choose. I’d rather fly.


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