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Energy generator, strong influencer and deadline smasher.

The team with the best players wins.

Jack Welch

Making a difference.

I’m a collaborative team member and positive leader. I try to spark positive change wherever I go, to help things work better, read better and look better. Here are a few examples from my last (contract) role:

At easyProperty, I helped set new standards for the tone of voice and brand look and feel. The website looked a bit gloomy and uninspiring, so my team and I tweaked the messaging and imagery. In brand research, our target audiences felt these were positive and much-needed changes. I also devised and helped deliver campaign landing pages, to improve tracking and conversions.

The brand’s printed campaigns were bland and not persuasive. I came up with the concept for a series of folded mailers with a positive message outside and a letter from the local agent inside. I worked with Senior Designer Tess Christiansen on style.

The existing iPad presentations (to be shared one-to-one in customers’ homes) had a ‘hard sell’ vibe. I worked with Senior Designer Jay Samra to create a more polished presentation with focused messages, to build trust and improve sales.

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10 reasons to choose me to lead your copy and content teams:

(N.B. This is no place for shrinking violets.)
1. VERSATILE I’ve created B2B and B2C content for a range of sectors: business, beauty, apps, property, psychology, travel, e-learning, food, luxury lifestyle, FMCG, sustainability – practically the lot.
2. CONCEPTUAL With a background in art and design, I know that copy, typography and imagery work best as team players. I have worked as a Creative Director, copywriter, journalist, designer and marketer, so bring a broad range of skills to the party.
3. INTERNATIONAL I am a US and UK citizen and understand the subtle differences between British and American English (and cultural sensibilities). I can create content for international audiences.
4. POSITIVE I’m an inspiring and collaborative influencer and manager. I care (a lot) and motivate my teams to pursue excellence and extend their skills. In my latest role, I was hired to manage the copywriting team, and within three months was overseeing the design team as well.
5. METICULOUS Some might say ‘pernickety’ (or ‘persnickety’ in America), but I prefer a more positive spin on editing and proofing.
6. INDEFATIGABLE I’ve been a roofer and a waitress, so obvs not averse to a little elbow grease.
7-10. (abridged – you haven’t got all day):

Not to say I don’t have faults (you might want to hide the custard creams).

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