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Wallace Stegner

I completed a six-month contract as Content Manager, reporting to the Head of Marketing. I oversaw the copy and design teams to deliver digital, social media and print marketing content. I planned and created content including ads (digital and print), blogs, direct marketing, social media and email campaigns. To improve conversion rates, I pushed for and created content for new landing pages, and encouraged more innovative content, such as GIFs and videos. I loved the work and the fantastic team. Here are a few samples. Please get in touch for more.

GIFs I created in Photoshop:
Videos I created in iMovie:

I created these Tube ad concepts/designs, using humour to introduce the brand. I chose high-quality paintings to subconsciously reassure potential customers of a quality service, despite the low prices.


I try to spark positive change, so things work better, read better and look better:

Working with our cohesive teams, I helped set new standards for the tone of voice and look and feel of the brand. The easyProperty website looked a bit gloomy and uninspiring, so my team and I tweaked the messaging and imagery. In brand research, our target audiences felt these were excellent, much-needed changes.

When I arrived, the direct marketing mail campaigns were basic, bland and not persuasive. I came up with the concept for a series of folded mailers with a positive message outside and a letter from the local agent inside. I worked with Senior Designer Tess Christiansen on style.

The iPad presentations (to be shared one-to-one in potential customers’ homes) had a harsh, ‘hard sell’ feeling. I worked with Senior Designer Jay Samra to create a more polished and trustworthy presentation, with focused messages, intimate interiors imagery and a more natural flow.

On the social side, I managed the Facebook and Twitter accounts, organised the YouTube account and created playlists, and created a new Pinterest page. I also rolled out four branded Facebook pages for Local Property Experts. I worked closely with the Performance Marketing Manager on content for paid social and digital campaigns.


easyProperty had an offer for 6 months of free property management. I came up with the concept of a cross-channel campaign: ‘Landlord’s Day Off’. I worked with our Senior Designer Jay Samra to create a video, and with the wider team on emails, GDN ads, social and a takeover of the Daily Mail property investment page.

Solo project: I developed the concept and created this ’12 Days of Christmas’ video in iMovie.
I worked with Jay Samra to create a video encouraging people to list their homes before Christmas.

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