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Brave: TICK. Conceptual: TICK. Dynamic: TICK-TOCK.

10 reasons to choose me to lead your copy or content team:

(N.B. This is no place for shrinking violets.)
1. VERSATILE I’ve created B2B and B2C content for a range of sectors: business, food, apps, property, luxury lifestyle, psychology, travel, e-learning, beauty, sustainability – practically the lot.
2. CONCEPTUAL With a background in art and design, I know that copy, typography and imagery work best as team players. I’ve worked as Head of Copy, Creative Director, Content Manager, journalist, designer and marketer, bringing a broad range of skills to the party.
3. INTERNATIONAL I am a US and UK citizen and create content for international audiences, aware of the subtle differences between British and American English and cultural sensibilities.
4. POSITIVE I’m an inspiring and collaborative influencer and manager. I care (a lot) and motivate my teams to pursue excellence and extend their skills.
5. METICULOUS Some might say ‘pernickety’ (or ‘persnickety’ in America), but I prefer a more positive spin on editing, fact-checking and proofreading.
6. INDEFATIGABLE I work hard (even stints as roofer and a waitress in my youth), so obviously don’t mind a little elbow grease.
7-10. (abridged – you haven’t got all day):

Not to say I don’t have faults (you might want to hide the custard creams).

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